Midnight Breakfast

Students unwinding at Midnight Breakfast before finals.

Day on the Jay

Students enjoying the yearly celebration of Day on the Jay.

Tug of War

The annual Freshman and Sophomore Tug of War.

Ducking freshman

Drawing of Freshman being dunked into the sulphur spring.

The traditions that Ohio Wesleyan holds dear impart a sense of unity that connects students long after graduation. Some traditions involve rambunctious rivalries. For example, in the 1950’s Freshman and Sophmores held an annual tug of war. Although this tradition no longer takes place, OWU students today have other beloved traditions. For example, midnight breakfast takes place every semester before finals to help students unwind and celebrate the end of the semester. These yearly traditions connect a student’s individual experience to the history and legacy of the university.  Even as traditions change, they continue to live on as stories at the university we call home.

Student Life