Group Activities


Main actors from the Eurydice student production


Students acting in the Shakespearean play, The Tempest


Ohio Wesleyan football team from 1895

Participating in groups and activities gives students the chance to enhance their experience and learn outside of the classroom. Recreational activities at OWU include sports, theatre, volunteer clubs, and Greek life. These are just a few out of the countless opportunities for students to fill their free time while being productive and staying active. When students work in a group they feel part of something bigger than themselves. It is also a way to bond and learn from new people from all walks of life. Participating in a musical or being a part of the football team can be some of the most gratifying moments of a student’s time at OWU. Finally, students learn the invaluable art of collaboration, which is a useful skill regardless of one’s career after graduation. 

Student Life
Group Activities