Social Life


Students playing in the snow.


Postcard of Downtown Delaware.


Article about the well-known restaurant among students, Bun's.

Sticking together during a complicated and stressful time in one’s life has been essential for Ohio Wesleyan students since the beginning of the university. It is as simple as playing out in the snow with roommates or checking out the antique stores downtown. By spending time with friends and maintaining an active social life, OWU students are able to connect with and form communities well outside of the classroom. Students enrich their lives by making friendships at OWU that last a lifetime. However, the particular places where students meet and the activities they do have changed over time. While the downtown Delaware restaurant Bun’s is still a local favorite, places like Victor’s Taco Shop and Whit’s now reign as the best spots to get a quick treat with a friend. Creating active social lives allows everyone to make spots on campus and around Delaware home away from home. 

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Social Life