Fine Arts at OWU

RG_ Painting 1962.jpg

Painting Studio in 1962

RG_Art studio 8.jpg

Modern Day Painting Student in Edgar Hall


Lyon Art Hall, Former Home of the Fine Arts Department

RG_Iron pour 1968.jpg

1960s Iron Pour

Iron Pour 2019.jpg

Modern Day Iron Pour

Fine arts 1962 b.jpg

Figure Drawing Class in 1962

Ohio Wesleyan’s Fine Arts Department was once known simply as the School of Fine Arts. In its beginnings, the female college held classes in a single studio in Monnett Hall, offering only painting, crayoning, and drawing. Fine Arts has shown steady growth over the years since those small beginnings. Before it became an official department in 1929, students could earn only a certificate of proficiency in fine arts. Today, the Fine Arts curriculum is massively expanded: students can earn either a BA or a BFA and can choose from a wide variety of courses to gain experience in media such as painting, ceramics, or photography. Studio spaces have grown and changed over time as well. In many of the photos you see here, studio classes were held in Lyon Art Hall, which is now the Delaware Arts Castle. Today, Edgar and Haycock Halls offer ample space and house a great deal of specialized equipment for the use of the department’s highly driven students. These facilities create many opportunities for making art, including events such as the iron pour, which attract students and alumni alike.

Fine Arts