School Activities


Students having fun at Prez Ball


A view of student attendees at a formal dance.


Students leaving mandatory chapel.

OWU hosts a multitude of different events and activities to ensure there is always something to do outside of schoolwork. Dances are a big hit because they allow students to relax, have fun, and spend time with friends. The Registration Dance, which the student newsletter dates back to 1937, is one example from OWU’s past. The President's Ball, a tradition begun in 1984, is a blast for students today. The ball famously features a chocolate fountain and a professional DJ.

Other types of activities were a requirement for students in the past. For example, OWU was founded as a Methodist school. For many years students were expected to attend church services in the chapel on campus. Clif Boutelle, an alumni from the class of 1961, explains that hours would be added to their graduation requirements if they missed a number of services. Activities, whether optional or mandatory, allow students to connect with one another and have time away from their studies.

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School Activities