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Academics at Ohio Wesleyan University

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Spanish and Italian program page
Page 101. Photograph of Spanish professor in the department page for Italian and Spanish studies.

Fine arts, 1962
In Copyright - Educational Use Permitted

Classroom photograph of Clara A. Nelson
Photograph of Clara A. Nelson, French professor at OWU from 1896-1921.

Dr. W.W. Davies, professor of German and Hebrew, in his recitation room. Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio.
Photograph of Dr. WW. Davies, professor at OWU from 1883-1922, taught German, Hebrew, and "Modern" Languages.

Classroom photograph of John H. Grove, ca. 1900
Professor of Latin from 1878 till his death in 1908. Grove was a graduate of Ohio Wesleyan in 1870.

Painting 1962
Photo of student paintings and studio space

Fine arts 1961
Photos of a student working

Pottery 1966
Photos of students working at pottery wheels in studio.

Lyon Art Hall
Exterior color photo of Lyon Art Hall, former art building.
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