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Places at Ohio Wesleyan University

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Edwards Field
This is a picture of some OWU men on Edwards Field, seemingly in the early 1900s.

Slocum Library
This is an image of Slocum Library's interior.

Auditorium Gray Chapel
This is a photo of Gray's Chapel after it's completion in 1893 on the campus of Ohio Wesleyan University. Gray's Chapel is inside University hall which is in the academic part of campus.

Monnett Hall Dining Room
This is a photo of the interior dining room of Monnett Hall, which was the first female only hall on OWU's campus.

Monnett Hall
This is a photo of Monnett hall, the first all female hall on OWU's campus.

Austin Hall
Exterior of Austin Hall

Edgar Hall
The south and west facades of Edgar Hall at Ohio Welseyan University

Merrick Hall
South facade of Merrick Hall.

Gray Chapel - Modern Day
This is a picture of Gray Chapel during the Baccalaureate. Please compare this to the other picture of Gray Chapel, the photo that shows the end of its construction.

Edwards Field - Modern Day (Now Branch Rickey Arena)
This is a photo of Branch Rickey Arena, which now stands where Edward's field once was.
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